Sun. Jan. 17, 2021 Make HOLUX ezTour usable, even after HOLUX’s failure

This entry is English translation of essense of my Japanese entry titled “2020/12/10(木) HOLUX ezTour を復活させる…”

After HOLUX had been bankrupted, HOLUX m-241 (and m-241Plu)’s logger software ezTour stop showing Google Maps properly. I tried to restore this.

ezTour uses Google Maps API key: “AIzaSyBuAcOB_vBhIk5EcBGT4zMQ8NNPh7ORKjA”. Of course HOLUX had been paying for this key, but after HOLUX’s failure, they stop paying and Google stop Maps API service to this key, so that ezTour is no longer able to show Google Maps.

I start looking ezTour exe binary by use of a binary editor tool (I used Stirling), and found that the API key shown above in UTF-16 format. Google Maps API key can be obtained by anyone. I got mine and replace the API key in the binary file by the binary editor.

The API key is tied to accessing domain name. The domain ezTour using to access Google Maps is, so I need to modify the URL part which can be found in the binary in UTF-16 format as well.

One of the original URL part is ““. This is hard coded in the ezTour binary. As I don’t own domain, so I need to replace this URL with my own domain. I used the binary editor again to replace this URL. I found a few other URL’s and replace domain part of all of them.

Actually, my own domain is bit longer than, so I need to shorten the rest part of URL like, modify “uploadhtmlfile.php” to “updhtml.php”, so that the total length of accessing URL isn’t changed.

I can’t see the actual script of uploadhtmlfile.php, but I can assume that it saves the received content to the file named after [proj_id] query string with “.html” extension. So I created a PHP script as below. (My server’s document root is /volume1/web/ and you need to modify that part to actual document root of your web server if you use this script.)

// ezTour uploader (emulated)
// Fri. Oct. 04, 2019 by Hirotoshi OKUMURA

$uploaddir = ‘/volume1/web/ezToolD/TGV/ezTour/’; // need to be changed for actual path for that web server’s document root
$uploadfile = $uploaddir . basename($_POST[‘proj_id’]) . ‘.html’;

echo ‘<pre>’;
if (move_uploaded_file($_FILES[‘file’][‘tmp_name’], $uploadfile)) {
echo “File uploaded.\n”;
} else {
echo “Error on move_uploaded_file()\n”;



In my tweet below, you can see the screen shot of working ezTour even after the date of HOLUX failure.